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Book a delivery schedule

You can schedule your delivery in India using our special coupons for Online Shopping from Australia. It will give you a reduced price which will start from AUD $19.95 for direct delivery from Australia to India.

Shopping & Shipping
You can shop at any Online Store which ships in Australia. You must provide the Consignment Number & Address as your Shipping Details.
Package Acceptance & Processing

We will accept and process your package directly once it is received in our warehouse in Australia. We will update your package status immediately.

Shipment Tracking
You can check the status of your shipment on the DTDC Australia website. You will be able to track your shipment using the Consignment Number. We are unable to provide tracking updates over the phone.
How does it work?
All you need to do is book a shipment from Australia to India using our website www.dtdcaustralia.com.au. Choose Type of Parcel as "Parcel/Cartoon/Baggage” and please provide the weight and dimensions if you know or you can book for the weight and dimension you expect to be.
What is The Delivery Address in Australia?
Once you finalise your shopping, you must provide the delivery address in Australia. At this time, you must provide the Consignment Number and then the delivery address as per the example below.


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thank you so much for organising the box to get to my daughter in USA. It got there in two days. Excellent service.


Have to say best service, so appreciated and will definitely use you again and recommend you for sure.


Yesterday My packaged chair was picked up from Newcastle NSW and whisked away to UK. All very efficient and the papers seemed to be in order. Thank you so much for the excellent service.

Rebecca Favaloro

The luggage arrived safely in Spain yesterday - even sooner than the short period of time that was scheduled! I would just like to say a huge thank you for all your help with the shipment - it has made what is proving to become a very stressful move much less stressful! If there is somewhere I could write a testimonial, I would be be delighted.
I hope you have a great weekend.

DTDC Australia



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What to consider when you Sending a Laptop or Phone overseas by air courier

Buying a pc may be a completely irritating revel in if you do not have it nicely planned. there are many different companies offering tons of various options. Sifting via them all and searching for the nice priced pc may be onerous. There are some extraordinary pointers to comply with if you are trying to work with finances, but nevertheless want a extraordinary pc.


The primary aspect you want to do is make a listing of factors which you need. The great manner to this is make a list earlier than you have got shopped round due to the fact this could help you preserve in mind what you desired before you get enticed by functions. There are three foremost categories to do not forget while you are listing your wishes. Sending a Laptop or Phone overseas by air courier, The size of the laptop is the excellent location to begin your seek. Large screens look very satisfactory, however do you want it. The screen size will affect the general size of the laptop and could drastically have an effect on the charge. If you may be traveling, smaller computer systems are lighter and much less complicated to suit in a keep on suitcase. it is also a good deal easier to apply a small pc while traveling.

Another thing that can be very important is the battery potential. Laptops can burn quite a few powers and there are one designed to closing longer on a comparable battery. The extra energy green ones could have barely slower performance, however latest generation has made this a completely small difference in speed. There’s also the choice of buying a further battery in case you are worried approximately jogging out of energy.


Sending a Laptop or Phone overseas by air courier, the most modern category to recollect is connectablity. This includes alternatives like wireless community playing cards and inputs for different devices. a few airports provide wi-fi net access when you have a card. There are also Bluetooth allow laptops which can connect wirelessly in your cell smartphone to ship emails or faxes. Anything you watched you could need, they probable have an choice for it. just keep in mind that alternative will inflate the price fast. select best what you want and you may shop a package on you next laptop.