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If you are looking to send a parcel from one location to another, the first thing you need to take a look at is the courier service provider. It is truly difficult to pick the correct courier service when you have countless choices to look over.

Courier services were used as early as ancient Egypt. Since then it has widened its horizons a lot. More and more services are emerging every day, leading to stiff competition.

Selecting any one of them according to your needs can feel overwhelming. Even more so if it is your first time with international shipping.

You may not have the slightest idea of how to get going. Several questions may arise like: How much would I have to pay? Am I getting the best deal or is it a rip-off? Will my package be delivered safely? Who would be liable if the package is lost or damaged?

That is why choosing the right courier service is paramount so that the shipping courier from Australia to France won’t be a cause for concern.

What are the qualities you will require in a courier service?

First off, make sure the courier service is trustworthy. Check their credentials online. They should have proper permits and authorization. Read their reviews and genuine testimonials.  Do they have good ratings? You can make use of consumer review websites like Trustpilot to do so.

The service should provide various options to choose from like freight shipping, international delivery, express package, One Day courier, door-to-door delivery, etc. You may pick any one of the services which fits on your planned budget. Express and One Day shipping to France will cost more than standard ones as the delivery is shipped using Air freight to France. But it’s the best option if your priority is faster delivery. If you are on a budget and goods large in number, then you can opt for sea shipping. Although it is slow, it is cost-effective. Delivery can also be done using trucks and rail. They are mostly used when the distance is not that large.

The estimated delivery time of the courier to France should not go beyond an average limit. Time is especially an important factor if you are a business owner wanting to deliver products to consumers. You can check the approx. delivery time of courier services on their website. Based on these conditions, it will be easier for you to make a decision.

DTDC has around thirty years of experience in the courier service field. We are partly owned by French post in the branding DPD which has over 22,000 offices within Europe.

With footholds in over 10,000 places, DTDC Express Limited can be considered a top-notch company. It has a strong staff of 50,000 people having extensive knowledge in the industry.

Their foremost guiding principle is customer satisfaction. First-rate service is offered by them and the utmost care is taken to ensure the safety of your parcel. The customer support of the company is reliable and always reachable. Along with that, they make use of enterprise software, innovative customer management systems, dependable tracking tools, etc. for unsurpassed service.


  • First and foremost, check out the page: ensure you are not sending any prohibited items.
  • Then, head over to DTDC Australia’s official website: fill in the source address and destination address along with the collection date. Make sure the postcode you wrote is accurate. 
  • Add the weight of the package followed by its dimensions to calculate the volumetric weight. Additional costs will be charged if you want to send excess baggage to France or your parcel exceeds the specified weight/measurement.
  • After clicking on next, you will be transported onto the next page where information like telephone no., E-mail, and complete address has to be filled. Specify the same for the delivery address section.
  • Confirm the collection date and write a short description of your parcel. Then, pay the amount using an online payment method in order to complete the booking.
  • The package can be collected from your house by a pickup driver or you can drop it off at any one of the DTDC centers at Chester Hill (2162), Sydney(2000), Harris Park, New South Wales(2150), Rockdale(2216), Pendle Hill (2145), Footscray, Victoria(3011), Kogarah (2217), Cockburn Central (6164), Merrimac Grove Wellard, WA (6170), Shepparton (3630), Campbelltown (2560), Shalvey (2770), Prestons (2170), Ermington (2115), Seven Hills (2147), Blacktown (2148), Haberfield (2045)
  • The next step is tracking your delivery. You can track it via E-mail, SMS, web, or you can install the DTDC app on your phone. To get the status, you need to know the consignment no. or reference no. of the courier to France.

Courier To France FAQs:

Can I send medicine to France?

The reasons to restrict the import of goods into a country are many. Certain items are restricted or prohibited due to public safety and health concerns.

Medicines are one such item that is restricted. Drugs, vitamins, certain prescription, and non-prescription medicines are moderated. Before sending medicines as a courier to France, you need to take into consideration:

  • Rules of the source country: In some countries, the sending of medicine is limited to certain individuals or vendors.
  • Rules of the destination country: In case of his article it is France. You may need to produce the details of the medicine like the composition, doctor’s prescription if any, etc.
  • The rules of the courier service: The delivery of medicines also depends on the courier service that you chose. You need to check in with them. Enquire about their list of restricted items as well as their terms and conditions.

Which courier is best for France?

France has many strict acts on shipments. To ensure smooth delivery of your goods or courier to France, picking the right courier service is paramount.

DTDC has proper licenses and accreditation. It knows the ins and outs of the shipping trade due to years of experience. By booking delivery using DTDC, you will have access to various package tracking tools, using which you can track the whereabouts of your courier. Rest assured, your courier will be safely delivered on time.

What is the cheapest way to send a parcel to France?

Sea shipping is one of the most inexpensive options, especially if you want to send a large number of packages. The estimated delivery time will be more using this route, as sea shipping is slower. So, you need to plan the collection date well ahead of time.

Courier can be sent to many countries through this mode. But, before sending your courier to France, make certain that the courier service will deliver the courier Door-to-Door instead of Door-to-Port. Or else, you will need someone else to pick up the courier from the destination port since it won’t be delivered all the way to the recipient’s home.

What is the cheapest courier service in France?

To send the courier to France, DTDC offers many pocket-friendly options for you to pick from. Apart from DTDC, there are many other courier services that operate to France like DHL, Australia Post, Pack and Send France, etc. But not all are reasonable since International shipping is often overpriced.

Most of these services have a cost calculator on their website which gives live rates. You can fill in your data to get an overview of their prices by comparing them.

5. What is the best courier service in Australia to France?

Before entrusting your package with them, do a little research to make sure they are dependable.

  • A good postage to France service should have prior experience delivering to that location.
  • The rates they offer should not be exorbitant.
  • They should be trustworthy.

All these conditions tick the check-boxes of DTDC. You can choose from many budget friendly options to have you courier delivered from Australia to France. Your packages will remain safe and in good condition with them. Your parcel to France will be delivered on time as well.

It is also one of the best courier companies to work for in France. For more information, you can visit DTDC Australia’s website:

How do I send a package to France?

To send a parcel to France, first, make your courier ready to ship by packing it in sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, etc.

Then, pick a top-notch service that will deliver your courier to France on time and under the budget. Schedule the collection date when your package will be picked. Depending on the service, you will get timely updates of your package until it is delivered.

Can we Courier food items to France?

France has restrictions on the food items imported into the country. But, there are few guidelines that one must maintain while importing any food items. So, if you want to send a courier to France, the guidelines are as follows:

  • Food that is prepackaged food is allowed. Double-check to see it is completely sealed and won’t leak.
  • The food should not be perishable.
  • The use before the date should be far away.
  • If the food item is soft or fragile, you can write ‘Handle with care’ on the label.
  • If the food needs to be temperature maintained, you may store it in a sturdy, cold pack container.

What are the courier charges from Australia to France per kg?

The shipping cost of the courier to France is influenced by several factors.

 Let’s assume you want to send a parcel to certain someone by using DTDC Australia. Suppose your courier is regular-sized, having a dimension of 10cm x 10cm x 10cm, and weighs around 5kg. You want to send the courier from Ardeer, Melbourne to a city in France. You will be asked to choose from various booking options, ranging from AUD 172 to AUD 532. What makes the pricing difference is the mode of delivery (whether door to door or door to port) delivery time etc.

What is the cheapest way to ship a package from Australia to France?

First and foremost, you need to pick a courier service to France. A good service providing company will offer you cheap rates, without diminishing the quality of the service. Unless you want the courier to France to be delivered urgently, it’s better to choose the Economy option as it is more cost-effective.

If you are a small business owner having the need to send packages frequently, you can try contacting various service providers to work out a system that is viable to both parties. That way, the cheapest courier can be sent from Australia to France.

How do I send a courier to France?

To send a courier to France from Australia, look into the courier services that operate in the area. Compare their rates and services to pick one. After that visit their official website. If you are using DTDC, the website will have a cost calculator. Fill in the details like measurements, pickup date, etc.  

For AUS to France shipping, you will be given different package options to choose from. Keeping in mind your budget and expected delivery time, select the best deal from the options. Then, click on ‘Book’ wherein you will be asked for more details. After filling those, your booking will be successful.

You can either wait for the delivery man to pick your parcel or you can drop it off yourself at the nearest courier center.

What is the cheapest way to send a parcel to France?

For cheap international shipping from Australia, picking a standard courier rather than a premium service will save you money. Avoid express delivery, unless you are getting a good deal on it. If you want to send a large number of freights or couriers to France, then sea shipping might be the better option. However, you need to plan it well in advance as sea shipping takes longer than other routes.

How much does it cost to ship to France?

The shipping cost of a courier to France will depend on several factors. The package dimension and weight play a huge role. The dimension can be found if you measure the length, height and width of the package. The more the weight, the costlier the shipping charges would be. Another factor is the pickup location. 

Since International shipping costs are higher, sending a package from Australia will cost you more than sending the same one from Bordeaux. But you can calculate the cost beforehand on our website.

Choose your country from the list of countries and you will be forwarded to another page where you can calculate the approx. cost.

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