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Air Freight Australia Door to Port Services


Business & personal transactions often demands swiftness, agility & service. If you have any business/personal transaction that requires our Door To Port Air freight Australia to any overseas location then DTDC can assist to all major countries. You may have been taking the complex & rather stressful route of booking with the airport at expensive rates which do not include pickup from your door.

This method is time-consuming & tedious especially when we are living in the age of technological revolution where things are virtually happening at the speed of light. Ever heard of the door to port Air freight Australia DTDC service? Being the most affordable and reliable courier company Australia wide, DTDC has time & again proven its eminence in all the fields of International couriers service. DTDC can assist with collection at your door and delivery to your preferred airport.
Our door to port air freight Australia services are inexpensive, par excellence in the Australian regions throughout many international locations. Our service furnishes a splendid way of moving your cargo & any excess baggage by air from one part of the world to the other. Our services of air freight Australia wide are profoundly expedient; you can complete the transaction right from the comfort of wherever you are by contacting our friendly staff on 1300 658 775 for a complete set of rates.
For dealing with any domestic or International couriers, we have a wide range of transport options so that you don’t have to worry about any capacious sized cargoes to fit in. Our trained drivers and workers ensure total safety of your baggage, parcels, or cargo considering how much value it might hold to you. We work in a total environment-friendly manner for the collection & delivery of goods during throughout the year when you need door to port air freight Australia services.
Right from picking up the cargo from your doorstep (or warehouse) DTDC’s ( Air freight Australia wide goes through a quick but convenient process of handling all the paperwork from the port of origin and monitoring the complete shipment of the cargo till it gets delivered to the destination country’s airport or an inland terminal. After that, it is clearly expected from the sender to manage the collection of couriers and any excess baggage from the destination airport and handle the customs clearance, duty or local taxes.
However, we don’t wish that you fall for any crafty words and promises regarding the services. That is why we at DTDC, we believe in keeping complete transparency with our clients in dealing with their valuables as their preferred International courier. With a large number of terminals spread throughout the region and overseas, you can be completely assured of the swift and safe delivery of your goods. If you have any queries regarding the process or the charges, you can contact our experts from Monday to Friday 9am – 5:30pm on 1300 658 775 or email