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Service Disruption Alert- Floods Impacting Deliveries Beyond Victoria

Alert- Severe Flooding in Victoria Causing Extended Delivery Interruptions

This is to inform you all about the present situation regarding delivery interruptions caused by the severe floods in Victoria. As you may be aware, the unprecedented floods in Victoria are not only affecting deliveries within the state but are also producing a cascading effect on delivery operations in Western Australia and Sydney.

This disruption is due to Victoria’s strategic location, being in the middle of the flood. So, the important points to be considered regarding this situation include:

  • Prolonged Delays– The continuous flooding has caused operational issues, road closures, and transportation problems, all of which have contributed to protracted delays in our delivery services.
  • Impact on Western Australia and Sydney– Due to the interconnected nature of the logistics network, the disruptions in Victoria are having a domino effect, affecting deliveries in Western Australia and Sydney as well. We can also see a major impact on the transport routes connecting these regions. 
  • Measures Being Taken– To minimize the impact of these situations on your shipment, we plan on taking measures, including rerouting shipments and optimizing alternative transportation routes.

We recognize the significance of timely and dependable delivery, and we sincerely apologize for any trouble this situation may create. Our customer support representatives are here to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with real-time information on the progress of your shipments.

We appreciate your patience during this challenging time and assure you that we are making every effort to lessen the impact of these disruptions. Your trust in us is what keeps us going. 

Published on– Jan 19, 2024

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