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Important Guidelines for Courier Bag Marking and Usage✅

Courier Bag Instructions To Ensure Timely Shipment Delivery.

     Courier Bag Instructions To Ensure Timely Shipment                                                         Delivery.

Greetings Everyone!

We at DTDC are dedicated to making sure that your shipments are handled smoothly and effectively. We would like to provide some important suggestions about the labelling and usage of courier bags, especially for different carriers, to improve the accuracy of our procedures. 

Ensure that you follow these Key Guidelines

1. Courier Bag Compatibility

  • Make sure that bags that are meant for Couriers Please do not contain Australia Post shipments and vice versa.
  • Use separate bags for different couriers to expedite our processing.

2. One Bag, One Carrier Rule

  • For your shipments, use the “One Carrier, One Bag” approach.
  • Put everything that is going to be delivered by a certain courier service in one bag.

3. Marking Procedure

  • Put a sticker on each bag or write the allocated carrier code on it with a permanent marker. 
  • For Couriers Please, write “COU” in capital letters.
  • For Aramex, mark the bag with “ARA,” and for Australia Post, use “AUS.”
  • New Zealand shipments should be marked with “NZL.”

4. Avoid Using Logos

  • Try not to use the Couriers Please logo on the bag.
  • The absence of logos guarantees that our team will handle things properly and avoids misunderstandings at airports.

If these guidelines are not followed then this will lead to a delay in shipment deliveries. To make sure that shipments are delivered on time, use proper codes for your couriers as designated above and avoid mistakes.

Published On– Dec 08, 2023 


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