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Exclusive Discounts on Shipping Your Luggage to the UK! Act Fast!

Exclusive Discounts on Shipping Your Luggage to the UK! Act Fast!

Exciting news from DTDC Australia! We’re offering an exclusive, time-sensitive deal with a substantial discount. If you’re planning to ship your luggage to the UK, don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity – grab your discount now.

Details Of The Discount

Take advantage of savings up to $67 on a 30kg luggage delivery to the United Kingdom compared to regular retail prices. Our commitment is to offer unbeatable rates for your shipments, so seize this opportunity. Don’t miss out on these exclusive rates—make the most of this limited-time offer when it’s still valid.

How Can You Avail The Discount?

  • Visit the official web page of DTDC Australia to get a Quote. 
  • Select the Pickup and Delivery location and enter the date of collection. 
  • Provide details of your Parcel/Baggage and hit the Get A Quote button. 
  • Now book the service and get the discount benefits. 

We extend our appreciation for your continued trust in DTDC Australia, accompanied by this exclusive offer. Don’t let this fantastic opportunity to save a considerable amount on your shipments to the United Kingdom slip away.

Take swift action, as this offer is available for a limited time only! Claim your discount promptly and enjoy hassle-free delivery with us.

Published on– Jan 18, 2024

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