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Efficient Pallet Options for your Large Shipments. 🏆

Searching for the Best Pallet Service?

Searching for the Best Pallet Service?


  • Compare vetted carriers.
  • Get Proactive Shipment Alerts.
  • Time Sensitive Pickup. 
  • Faster Deliveries.
  • Protection Reassurance 


If you urgently need to ship pallets, DTDC can come to your rescue. Make an order, and your pallets will be transported from one place to another. Any order, including urgent ones, will be handled with care. Be sure that your cargo is protected from improper transportation.

Why is DTDC Australia’s pallet service unique?

Compare vetted carriers

You can instantly compare high-quality carriers and competitive rates.

Proactive Shipment Alerts

Track your freight easily throughout the shipping process.

Time Sensitive Pickup. 

DTDC offers a 4-hour window for time-sensitive pickup. This means if you schedule the pallet service at 8 a.m., the pickup will be completed by noon.

Faster Deliveries

Moving one pallet carrying 30 boxes is substantially faster than moving 30 boxes separately with the correct tools.

Protection Reassurance 

When products are transported on a pallet, they are significantly less likely to be damaged since they are only handled by forklift vehicles. 

In addition to the robust foundation and protective covering, less manual handling equals less product damage.

So, regardless of your requirements and time constraints, we certainly have the right solution for you! 

Whatever your delivery requirements, we have an appropriate pallet solution for your required size and weight. 

Contact Us for A Pallet Delivery Quote Now. 

Published On– Nov 03, 2023 

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