Door To Port Excess Baggage | Cargo | Freight

Baggage Pick Up

If you want to send your Excess Baggage at the Cheapest Price, then you must call us. We will arrange a pick up from your door same day or next business day. We have services all around the world for your excess baggage from Australia by air freight. We will get that to the nearest airport in the country you are travelling. Price starts from $1.20/kg. Documentation Fee and Pick up charges will apply.

Cargo Pick Up

If you want to send a commercial cargo from Australia, DTDC Australia can assist you with pick up and documentation. Depending on the requirements we can pick up your cargo from your door and send them anywhere by Air Freight.  We can pick up your cargo from anywhere in Australia and move them around the world.

Connecting 230 Airports

DTDC Australia can connect your Excess Baggage from Australia or commercial cargo shipment from Australia to 230 International airports in the world. We want to see your smile while we handle your shipment from Australia to almost any country int the world. If you have any questions, you can join us in Live Chat from our website or Email us.