DTDC Australia – Door to Door Courier Service

DTDC +DPD Group Co Branding LogoAffordable domestic / international courier service TO / FROM – UK, Europe, USA, Canada, India, France, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Fiji and many more. DTDC Australia (Door to Door Courier) are one of the most reputed and fast growing courier service in Australia. We are one of the most distinguished cheap courier service providers based all over Australia. Our International Express courier and Excess Baggage services are appreciated by our clients for our punctuality and service measures.

The services offered by us include courier services, excess baggage, parcel / package courier, express document courier, International courier service, Domestic courier service, Air and Sea courier service, with tracking available. DTDC Australia (Door to Door Courier) have strategic tie-ups and business arrangements with key global players to provide courier services in more than 240 countries around the world with over 30,000 offices. In addition to this, DTDC has extended its service network around the world through its own subsidiary offices, joint ventures, representative offices and franchisees abroad. While UK offices caters to the European market, our US and Canada offices cover the American continent., Singapore office serves Asia-Pacific Region, and the Dubai office manages the Middle East countries. We are part of DTDC Global Group of Companies that is currently partly owned by Geo Post ( French Post). A brand of Geo Post popularly known in Europe as DPD has part ownership in DTDC Global group of companies. With this network we have over 30,000 offices all around the world including our own subsidiary offices, joint ventures, representative offices and franchisees abroad.DTDC Banner


How to get a quick quote and book a courier ?

Up the top of the page, Click the domestic tab for sending an item within Australia, then enter from Suburb and to Suburb, OR, Click the International tab for sending an item to or from overseas, then enter from Country and to Country only, along with the value of your item, and collection date. Then select if you are sending a parcel / carton / baggage or document / satchel, and how many you are sending along with the weight and dimensions in centimeters for each item. Then click quote and book, which will take you to the quote price and booking screen. Please note default goods value is set to $500 if your value is less, then we will change after the booking is made. Dimensions in centimeters must be entered to get an accurate quote.

If you have a coupon code then you can enter this at the top of the pricing screen and your discount will take effect when you press apply.

Everything is done online, you will be emailed a label to stick on the box and a tracking number upon checkout.

If you require assistance or bulk pricing enquiries please contact our friendly staff via our online website chat facility which opens from 9 – 5pm Monday to Friday, or contact us by phoning 1300 658 775, or via emailing sales@dtdcaustralia.com.au



How to start your own DTDC Outlet in your neighbourhood

DTDC Express limited is operating for 25 years with presence of over 10,000 locations with dedicated manpower of nearly 50,000 people with 40% stake holding of DPD Group, (http://www.dpd.com/home/about_us) International Brand of Geo Post (https://www.geopostgroup.com/en/who-are-we) . While DTDC has direct presence in 20 Countries, it serves over 240 countries through DPD Network. DTDC handles over 10 Million parcels a month while DPD Group handling 3 million parcel per day. DTDC Australia is partly owned by DTDC Group.

DTDC Australia has become a choice of importers in Australia for their e-commerce shipment to Australia from China and other countries. Apart from cheapest delivery service in Australia, we also offer in house customs clearance for bulk break de-consolidation for Australian importers. Australian buyers from China, USA, Europe and Asia expects us to be a value added service provider for customs clearance and delivery in Australia.

DTDC Australia focuses on building postal network in Australia through our customised software that offers cheapest courier service from best the brands in Australia.  If you are interested in DTDC Australia franchise outlet in your neighborhood backed by this largest global courier network of 30,000 outlets around the world then please drop us a line with your interest to franchise@dtdcaustralia.com.au.